Pickle (fish brine) Bloody Mary

We prefer a carp between 2-4 kilos. Because it is summer we must have some green pepper, chilly pepper, some tomatoes, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, olive oil, vinegar, and a little bit of wine.
We make to the carp some deep cuts, we put some salt. Once we have flamed up the grill, we put the fish and the vegetables: green pepper, tomatoes.Grill very well the fish until the grease streams down and now we can turn the wish. We do the same with the green pepper and the tomatoes but we let them on the grill.
Once the wish is cooked, we take it from the grill but not until we sprinkle it with some wine. We clean the vegetable, we make them a sauce and we put some onion in it. Considering how fat the wish was we put some oil, pepper, garlic and vinegar.

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