About us`

Ovidiu Pension from Sf. Gheorghe, Tulcea, gives you the possibility to spend unforgettable holidays in the Danube Delta; we have ten rooms, each room has double beds, bathroom, air conditioner, TV, and we must say that our services are valued (quoted) with three moon flowers (stars).
We have the possibility to put extra-bed, in witch case 30 persons could spend their holidays with us.
Our kitchen rises to the European standards and we must confess that we are very attracted by gastronomy.
A quick boat, diving equipment, fishing tools, aquatic ski, tennis table, a modern bus, dance floor…..there are only a few things that could make your holiday unforgettable.
Once you get here you can do a lot of things: you can go to the beach, you can visit the pelicans reservation from the south of Tulcea, you can cruise by the coast of the Black Sea all the way to the Tomis harbor (Constanta), you can walk through the wonderful surroundings of the pension.